The Porter Strong Team is dedicated to making a difference in the world. At LIFE Leadership the commitment to set people free is real. Everyone is different. We all start at different places and some of us don’t seem to get a chance to start at all. That’s why LIFE Leadership offers different roads to freedom to accommodate everyone no matter where they’re starting from: an aggressive compensation plan, life-changing informational products, and community outreach programs.

Are You Searching for Financial Freedom? Debt Freedom? Functional Freedom?

For Very Committed High Achievers looking for an aggressive compensation plan, Life offers high quality products and plans to sell that lead to the Financial Freedom they crave.

Financial Fitness Products offer access to the elusive Debt Freedom that so many in today’s society dream of enjoying.

And for the Underprivileged and Disenfranchised, LIFE on Life Inititative  fights illiteracy to give people a chance at the Functional Freedom that we all deserve.