Never Assume You Are Average


In one of our favorite Life Leadership seminars so far, Mark Paul shared some amazing tips with the group about mantras, daily affirmations, envisioning, and being more than average!

Do you take the time each day to envision your life as you want it to be? That’s great! But according to Mark Paul, you need to be a bit more detailed.

For instance, if you’re envisioning your dream house with a movie theater, a library, a pool and a tree in the front yard, you’re on the right track. But you need to put in a little bit more effort. You need to envision the ENTIRE picture: what kind of tree is that in the front yard? Are there flowers underneath it? How many seats are in the movie theater? What kind of books are in the library? How may books? What else is in there? Is the pool a lap pool? Is there a slide? Is there a jacuzzi? Is there a bar in the pool? You get the picture. You need to be able to SEE the entire thing from start to finish, top to bottom, ceiling fan to wall color to baseboards to flooring, room by room.

Now do that with EVERY aspect you include when you envision your life as you want to live it!

Next tip? When you create your mantra or affirmation make sure to include some true mixed with some desires. This helps you believe your affirmation as you repeat it to yourself everyday (or regularly throughout everyday).

Tip #3? Make sure that YOU are in your envisioning process. When you’re envisioning your life it should be like watching a movie with you as the star.

Tip #4? Never assume you are average! And if someone else assumes you are average, insist that they prove it to you without a shadow of a doubt.

Tip #5? Don’t wish something will get easier, wish that you will get better!

Want more amazing LIFE tips from Mark Paul? I don’t blame you. We recommend seeing Mark and his wife in person at a seminar. They’re completely amazing! Or you can always include CDs of the Pauls in your next LIFE Leadership membership shipment. If you aren’t yet a member and you’d like to get a look at what else Mark has to say, you can find what you need here! 

Want to know more about these two LIFE Leadership leaders?

Prior to joining LIFE Leadership, Mark and Jenn owned their own manufacturing business for a year. Before that, Mark had been a successful engineer at many extremely large corporations, while Jenn had received training in restaurant management and had taught yoga and aerobics. Both of them had real estate licenses. In fact, that is how they met their mentors, Tim and Amy Marks. Mark had attended high school with Tim, and then in the process of being involved in real estate, he met Tim during the day while he was playing with his kids. Both Mark and Jenn were looking for a way to work together and have more control over their lives. They were tired of the corporate race and the bureaucracy involved in it. So Mark just asked Tim what he did, and the rest is history. Right from the beginning, both Mark and Jenn jumped on board and totally trusted their mentors; that’s one of the reasons they have become some of the best leaders in LIFE Leadership. After being involved with LIFE Leadership for a short period of time, Mark discovered that the leaders, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, were guys that he knew in college! Everything has changed in their lives in terms of faith, family, and fitness. Jenn feels more confident and well-rounded because of the system. In addition to appreciating the help that the LIFE Training Marketing System provides, Mark and Jenn were pleasantly surprised by the realization that LIFE Leadership allows them to help people succeed in all areas of life. Jenn has always dreamed of helping normal, average women search inside themselves and find their personal greatness, and through LIFE Leadership, she is actively pursuing this goal. The Pauls continue to move on at a blistering pace and serve as models of what it means to be leaders.


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